Our World

Earth conscious, sustainable fashion: sustainably sourced, naturally-dyed, handmade detailing.
Designed for women, by women: empowering talented female artisans and local communities.

Locally produced in our Saigon workshop by our meticulous female artisans, mostly from impoverished rural areas of Vietnam. We are committed to supporting our local communities where we live and work. We strive to create positive, social impact through the economic empowerment of women.

We believe in making the world a better place. Every step of the production process is consciously ethical, sustainable, transparent, fair and of high hand-crafted fine quality.

At the heart of each garment is a dedication to make desirable and durable fashion for young-at-heart women, lasting beyond a single season to become cherished forever-pieces for the wardrobe or suitcase.

BoAime is warm, joyful and ethereal. Shapes are inspired by our designer’s love for vintage clothing and swirling, full-length silhouettes from the 30’s to the late 60’s and 70’s, as well as her adventures through South East Asia and India.

Slip dresses with subtle hand-finished details are the backbone of the collection, paired with romantic floral printed cotton silk blouses, layered under hand-embroidered kimono wraps and vibrant bloom quilt jackets.

We design to make women feel good about themselves and we strive to be functional yet feminine – luxurious while consciously ensuring that our footprint does not harm our planet Earth’s resources. Each garment is made with sustainable and ethically sourced fibers and colored with all natural plant based dyes.

BoAime… she’s all dancing light mornings and glorious truths - backless afternoons and silky sunsets, rose petal moons and vintage details.

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